Improving ecosystems through companies that solve global challenges

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Cleantech news. Making waves.

Our companies are transforming the way we produce and use energy and resources globally. This is worth talking about.

We believe in active and transparent communication and use most of the media available to mankind to give you an overview of how we are doing inbetween financial reporting dates.

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Market capitalization of listed a shares,
(excluding non-listed k shares and outstanding options).

A portfolio greater than the sum of its parts

We are a listed accelerator with fast growing start-ups looking to make it big on international markets. Our ownership in the companies varies but a typical stake is around 15%.

Our selection and involvement in everything from board work to fundraising and exit adds value to the firms and decreases the risk of the portfolio.


We don’t see ourselves as successful if we do not have a positive environmental impact, so it is important for us to measure it. The impact numbers are based on actual savings in carbon emissions and fresh water use during 2016 due to the sale of products and services by our companies.

Great ideas with the power to grow

We are seekers of new ideas that challenge convention. We believe that more efficient use of natural resources is an absolute necessity and therefore an excellent investment, often with short pay-back times.

New technologies, use of real-time information and service business models enable us to make more efficient use of our limited natural resources.

Investors, entrepreneurs, doers

We have successfully grown companies as entrepreneurs and investors for more than 10 years. We have raised a total of approximately €180 million in funding, successfully exited investments and our own companies, but most importantly - we still enjoy the beating of the entrepeurial heart and we work hard to get things done.